Saturday, October 31, 2009

Eye of newt, and toe of frog. (Happy Halloween!)

The pumpkin is a splendid one this year. After being elbow-deep in acrylic paints all week, I couldn't resist being reunited with the marker pens for a quick drawing before the carving began. Toasted pumpkin seeds are a welcome bonus. Yes please.

Time is dissolving at an unimaginable rate. It's November in just a day? mmm I've always liked November. I suppose everybody harbours a fondness for their birthday month, until the passing of another year seems more horrifying than a thing to celebrate. Oh well, 25 isn't something to feel too worried about I spose. I just regard it with a similar level of distaste as I would, say.. the spongy part of a jaffa cake, that is; viewed with mild concern...
I'm currently preoccupied with pumpkins and chestnuts and the treasures of Autumn. Beach walks with Ellie, papery leaves fluttering through the forest and rediscovering a long lost fondness for honest-to-God painting. Brushes and everything...
More on the painting shortly though. First things first, Ellie is giving me a meaningful look suggesting I'd better find some boots that are made for walking (Wales = wellies). Alrighty then.

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