Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thank you and Goodnight.

Is it possible that two months have elapsed where my blog has been pervaded by silence? No, that can't be right. Really? (yes). No! (YES). oh. Well for those of you who are still checking in (stat counter tells all!)...thankyou for sticking with me!

Where went the pockets of time used for drawing favourite teacups or an interesting place or a quirky food item? What happened? Who am I? (wife, puppy-mummy, chef, chauffeur, tea drinking, dog walking lady of the house...). Oh...that explains it then! Fair to say that super-multi-tasking is a skill I'm still trying to acquire....
Anyhow, now that my ambitions and intentions are filed neatly into the 'conquer all' section of my brain, I'm more than ready to give the pens a workout once again. 

I have just returned from the most awesome, interesting honeymoon (trans-American Road Trip), from which I am bursting with inspiration and delight in this great country. Lots to see and say and draw. The posting has already commenced over at my newly-named blog.
Due to my change of name, I will no longer be posting at this blog address, but all contents have been moved to pastures new at I do hope you'll come and join me!