Monday, October 26, 2009

Brain Pain.

My head is somewhere beyond overload with putting together promo booklets. I've printed a million little pages, and layed them out in 5000 permutations and combinations. I've rearranged them 500 more times. I've stuck them on my wall, I've arranged them on the floor, Ellie the dog has walked on them (twice) and I've even dreamt about them. The unfortunate thing is- I'm more confused than I was when I started. I'm going for a 12-page mini-booklet- which seemed like such an easy task when I first thunk it. Not so.

As if I didn't have more than enough pictures already I keep thinking of better, cleverer, irresistible (and totally unnecessary) ideas. Illustrations that would help so much (not in the least). Perfectionism is such a saboteur...
Plus, I need a more objective critic than the biased and uncooperative duo that is my left and right brain. Always arguing, y'know? 
I've also drawn a Chinese dragon for a little side project I'm working on. At this point it can go right ahead and swallow me up....


  1. Twelve pages. Does that mean 24 pictures? What if you squint and pick some all in the same color family or follow the color wheel around (12 colors x 2)? Or pick one of watercolor, one pencil sketch, one ink, one acrylic etc. Don't try to pick by your favorites 'cause if you are like me, you like all of them. I don't know why you are making a booklet but I know about having too many choices - ask my husband if we get a multi-page menu when we go out to eat!

  2. I am going to be a little biased here, I am a Chinese, so I really adore your Chinese Dragon work! :) Any chance to see more of these?

  3. Sounds like you need to get out of your studio for a while. Take a break! Take Ellie the dog for a nice walk! The million little pages will still be there when you return but maybe you'll see them with fresh eyes.

  4. Those are some good ideas, Freebird! I never thought of following a colour theme- I LIKE it! I'd been thinking more about having the content read like a story. But my subjects are so diverse, (armadillos to city scenes to teacups....) that it's not really happening that way!
    Hey thanks Alex- the fact that you are Chinese and still like the dragon...makes me feel like I did something right! It was fun. Plus, I'm trying to diversify my portfolio- looking at foreign cultures and traditions- so perhaps I'll extend the Chinese theme a little further!
    Took your advice Trish. Ellie the dog has one more walk to her name :) Proper vacation comes at Christmas (....), but I'll definitely be throwing in some diversions before then!

  5. I'm not Chinese, but I love dragons - yours is awesome! I'll have to try some of these, thanks for the inspiration.