Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to where the colour lives! It's brighter here.

I've been beavering away on my current illustration job for what seems like many moons now ( is actually about two and a half months). I remember the first day I was given the brief whereupon emotions and events proceeded in this manner:
Excitement! Terror. Research. Bad drawing. Horror. A cup of tea. More drawing. Doubt. Better Drawing. Relief. A glass of wine. Storyboards. Characters. Dummy books. Exhaustion.
Exhaustion was yesterday, which brings me to the present moment. I am on the precipice of starting the colour images. This is brilliant- it is what I live for. It may be my holy grail.

As I await the 'go ahead' from the client, I thought I'd give my marker pens a stroll around the page (and check I remember how to use them....). A selection of my much-loved art materials and of course; a cup of tea :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chin up, feet up.

My heart aches. That much is true. But at least I haven't had hip replacement surgery a big get well soon to my future Father-in-law. I've never seen him sit still for more than two seconds. He is probably entering a one-legged race (whilst eating a morning bun) at this very moment. And aren't crutches brilliant? Oh, fun! So, feel better, Eb. HOP, two three four xx

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Heart My Hat.

Firstly, belated thanks to those who congratulated me on my newly minted engagement to the boy. Forrest also perused your comments and was equally heart-warmed. You are really too kind. Thank you :)

So I am not the first to say it, but we have snow here in England. Oh yes. It's the kind that is unheard of- that is blanket-like and powdery rather than slushy and sleety and grey and muddy. It is amazing and I am amazed. The dog thinks it's heaven, and her attitude is contagious. I have never been more grateful for my hat.
I hear it is everywhere- a worldwide settling of snow. I hope you are all enjoying it as much as I am!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy, sad, happier in 2010.

it is a sad day indeed. The day when somebody reminds you that all good things must come to an end, and you tell them 'go away please' because you don't want to hear it. I tried to make myself feel better, but it turned out that eating half a Christmas pudding was perhaps not the answer. 
This morning, I peeled myself out of bed at 2.30am, showered with my eyes closed, dressed in the dark, scowled at my coffee and cursed the fact that it was time to take my better half to Heathrow airport (next time dear heart- book a later flight...).
Events have progressed to the point where I find myself engaged, to a very delightful individual indeed. Betrothed, committed, due to be married. As badly as I accepted Forrest's proposal -I am emotionally ill equipped for such moments- I am quietly overjoyed at the prospect of my future with the boy. He's the type to get excited about puppies, and tickle my hair, and tolerate tofu because I'm vegetarian and plant rose bushes and play football and hold hands and make coffee and work hard and take all my crap with a smile on his face. He also has a sticking out ear which is very, very endearing. 
Now he is on a flight to Atlanta while I keep one eye on the post and hope to be not so far behind him.
2010, how bold you are. 3rd January, how sad you are.

Three years ago- shortly after I first met Forrest- he 'proposed' to me in Germany with this plastic ring from a Christmas cracker. Guess I should have known how this would eventually end!